Bad Praxis Album Artwork Illustration

Bad Praxis - Bad Praxis (1991, Sub-Pop)
album art from the 20th anniversary re-release


MediaFork Review:

On Bad Praxis' self-titled sophomore album, the Zimmerwald, Oregon-based band branched out from their sludge metal roots. The album is still awash in churning riffs and feedback, but they are joined now by flashy guitar solos, hypnotic drums and significantly more narrative lyrics. 'Bad Praxis' is a genre-bending, but not breaking, performance. The band never really synthesizes the rock & roll and avant-garde tendencies that uneasily coexist on this album. This tension also existed between band members, and famously would only grow in the future. Even if at times Bad Praxis seem to be looking backwards, they can’t be faulted in looking for new directions.

3 out of 5 stars

Bad Praxis Album Artwork Illustration Back Cover



1. Latifundium
2. Skin and Fur
3. Extraction Device
4. Strike in the Dark
5. Years of Exile
6. The 666th International
7. Cycle

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