Greek/Hellenistic Goddesses Artemis, Hera & Hekate Illustration

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Hecate, Goddess of Magic at the Crossroads

Hekate is the Goddess of Magic, who has a three-part nature. She is traditionally depicted with two torches, keys and a dagger. She is associated with crossroads, entryways, thresholds and consequently, ghosts. Animals associated with her include dogs, polecats, snakes and red mullet. Hecate is a goddess of various plants herbs as well, including mandrake, belladonna, dittany, garlic and the yew tree.


Goddess Hera, Queen of the Gods

Hera is the Queen of the Gods. Married to Storm-God Zeus, she is the Goddess of Marriage and Matrimony. She wields a scepter and rides a chariot driven by peacocks. She is associated with the lilly, the lotus, panthers, cuckoo birds and notably, cows. Hera’s Homeric epithet is ‘cow-eyed’. When she tore Hercules from her breast, her milk created the Milky Way.




Artemis, Goddess on the Hunt

Artemis is the Goddess of Hunting, and the Moon. She is a chaste Goddess, with a bow made by Cyclopes, two hunting knives, and seven hunting dogs. Deer are sacred to her, as are bears; and she is associated with guinea-fowl. Artemis hunts wild boar and is the Goddess of the Forest and the Mountains.