Street Fight Sex Zine Minicomic

Trip Sex AKA ‘Passionate Journey’

A mini-comic submission for the ‘Sex’ themed Street Fight zine. Bryan was not involved with this in any way. Based partially on a segment of the 1919 woodcut novel Passionate Journey by Frans Masereel. This comic imagines a one-night stand on acid. (NSFW, scroll down to see)

‘ Trip Sex ’ comic for the 2019 ‘ Sex ’ zine  (Bryan not involved)

Trip Sex’ comic for the 2019 ‘Sex’ zine (Bryan not involved)


Street Fight

Street Fight is the #1 anarcho-comedy radio show in the US. Hosts Brett Payne and Bryan Quinby also publish a monthly zine which includes illustrations. Street Fight can be heard online, and on WCRS Community Radio 92.7 FM in Columbus, OH.